Below you can have a look at all the cues and chalk colors available to buy with your hard earned virtual cash in iPool. Virtual cash can be earned in a few ways. Simply winning a game in the main lobbies will get you a few cents, Or if you feel you want to get it a bit quicker then try your luck at winning a tournament, lots run on a daily basis. Don't worry if you miss out on the big win, you still collect virtual cash along the way with every game won in the tournament. So good luck all, and enjoy your purchases.
All cue cost range from $30 to $300. Simply make your decision on which cue you would like to buy, you can view them above, or in shop, which you can access by clicking on your bio in iPool. Once you have made your decision buying a cue couldn't be easier. Type /buy 'cuename', really is as easy as that. But if you want to do it an even easier way, then go to a table at the top left, scroll through pick your cue, and then just click on buy. Also if you have purchased more than one cue, and decide you would like to swap over, then type /cue 'cuename' in an iPool lobby
The chalk colors available to purchase in iPool range from $10 to $15 virtual cash. View all the chalk colors above or in shop which you can find in your bio in iPool. Pick which colour you wish to buy then type /buy 'color'. Or, like above if you want it even easier, just go to a table, scroll through until you come to the chalk color you want, and click buy. You now have a nice new color to use on the tables in iPool, but 1 more thing before you get to show it off, you now need to type /chalk 'color'. You also use /chalk 'color' if you have more than one color purchased and decide your more in a pink mood than blue.
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