__.blainey29 Interview..

Usual boring standard questions.. yawn yawn yawn

-> Fansite: Whats your real name.?
-> blainey29: Charlotte barrett

-> Fansite: Age.?
-> blainey29: 22

-> Fansite: From.?
-> blainey29: my mum lmao
-> Fansite: lol
-> blainey29: UK

-> Fansite: How long have you been a member.?
-> blainey29: 2 1/2 years
-> Fansite: and how long have you been a moderator.?
-> blainey29: not sure 2 or 3 months

-> Fansite: Whats makes you keep logging in.?
-> blainey29: like pool and voodoos

-> Fansite: OK, so what game type do you think you're best at.?
-> blainey29: 6 ball black hole
-> Fansite: you have a good break for that eh.?
-> Fansite:
-> blainey29: yea i was given it bye bad man called thierry henry but we wont go there
-> Fansite:

-> Fansite: And what new 'thing' would you like to see in iPool.?
-> blainey29: somethink fun but with a lot of skill involed coz good player are boaring coz too good
__.at games on here
-> Fansite: fair point

-> Fansite: Finish this sentence. The current iPool players are.....?
-> blainey29: shot in the head and mad
-> Fansite: lmao
-> Fansite: thats a novel way to describe them
-> blainey29: like to be diffrent

-> Fansite: And the current Mod team are.....?
-> blainey29: well drilled oiled machine
-> blainey29: fun and loving

Panic Time, send in questions from the players.

-> V-O-R-T-E-X: Wanna go out after this, for a meal maybe sometime.?
-> Fansite: oooooooo budding romance on cards
-> Fansite: nice
-> Fansite: lol
-> blainey29: vortex when u have grown up maybe
-> Fansite:

-> Mr.FrOsTy: How many times have you been a TD or HTD.?
-> blainey29: how many as months or tourneys completed.?
-> Fansite: both I guess
-> Fansite: or tourneys .. lol
-> blainey29: 7 months and 210 tourney i am now 2nd highest person on all time tourneys done
-> Fansite: wow, thats impressive
-> blainey29: well voodoo is no1 with 264 but he been doing since 2003

-> MG-4-EVA: Do you think you have changed since becoming a Mod.?
-> blainey29: no only when i have to deal with players
-> Fansite: dealing with players can be tricky
-> Fansite: you find it ok.?
-> blainey29: you have to be hard and i not normally

-> 8]-Sweet_Con-8]: At which point in your career did the old Blainey disappear, and the new one
-> blainey29: ?
-> Fansite: they obviously think you have changed
-> blainey29: explanation
-> blainey29: last few months i guess if u feel that way
-> Fansite: so u think ur the same blainey as yu where from 1st entering an ipool lobby.?
-> blainey29: my hubby was first blainey for bout 2 monthes over 2 year ago
-> Fansite: lmao

-> Miss_Piggy: How did you come up with the name Blainey29.? (also asked by R.I.P)
-> blainey29: my sons name and he was born on 29th
-> Fansite: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah now it makes sense
-> blainey29: scotish and irish name i belive

-> Vegas_Boy: If you had to meet 1 person in the world, who would it be.? and WHY.?
-> blainey29: u chris to marry u
-> Fansite: you not seen his pic on fansite.?
-> Fansite:
-> blainey29: long joke

-> GumBo: Who on the game makes you go PHWOOOAAAR.?
-> blainey29: the rocket he sent me pic on msn and well its xrated
-> blainey29: with clothes on thou
-> Fansite: just him.?
-> Fansite: really.?
-> Fansite: nobody else at all you can think of *cough*
-> Fansite:
-> blainey29: yea not really looked at others loopy is good looking and some wierd bloke call sir mr

-> Noops: Would you consider lying to a high standing mod about a serious , if not bannable
-> blainey29: no i dont break rule but if i did i would ask to be banned and removed
-> blainey29: i do job the fairest way i can with out that no point

-> Noops: Remember saying this "blainey29: not me, i dont do multiple accounts".? but aren't you
__.also smoking cue, therefore, a liar.?
-> blainey29: the mulitple account are on voodoo and u only allowed 1 per person not ipool name i
__.do 9 accounts on ipool but only
-> blainey29: 1 voodoo account

-> Noops: How do you feel when you see people blatantly sucking up to mods and admin in the
-> blainey29: to be friendly to mods and admin dont class as sucking up but u think it get u mod
__.think again
-> blainey29: as u know i do lots of work for voodoo thats how i got mine
-> Fansite: ppl of the opinion u got mod coz of sucking up as u know
-> Fansite: how does that make u feel.?
-> blainey29: that make them small minded look at the big pic and see how i got it really
-> Fansite: fair enough

-> Noops: Do you think Voodoo pool should change its ranking to stop average players becoming
-> blainey29: to be no1 u have to beat the average ppl so if u dont then cant be that bad of a
__.player so no

-> Noops: Can yu spel proprly.?
-> blainey29: no i left school 3 years before end but it pool not mastermind

-> V0RT3X: If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be.? and why.?
-> blainey29: a bitch
-> blainey29: a soz for lang bitch
-> Fansite: eh.?
-> Fansite: lang bitch an animal.?
-> blainey29: female dog

-> V0RT3X: Do you own a 'BAN-O-METER' which is currently reading off the scale.?
-> blainey29: no but if u break rules i have no fear but ban u *** opps sorry your vort3x now
-> Fansite: hahahaha

-> V0RT3X: If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be.?
-> blainey29: boob enlargement
-> Fansite:
-> Fansite: really.?
-> blainey29: yea i want some size of jordon
-> Fansite:
-> blainey29: not very big there just like to see wot its like
-> Fansite: Would you send in a new fansite pic if ya get em.?
-> blainey29: yea but it wont happen coz of the weight on my back
-> Fansite:

-> Mag: are you really married, or is that photo made up to look like you are.?
-> blainey29: yes i am married have been for 3 years
-> blainey29: I also have 3 kids

-> gimme_a_break: On a scale of 1 - 10 (1 being lowest and 10 being highest)... how big is this
-> blainey29: 1 to 10

-> GumBo: what do you think was going through the mind of the 1st person ever to look at a
__.chicken and say "im gonna eat the next thing out its ass".?
-> blainey29: i make kfc shop out of u and be rich

-> GumBo: Is the HOKEY COKEY really what its all about.?
-> blainey29: hmmmmmmm he is in mental home now.?
-> Fansite: who is.?
-> Fansite: im all now
-> Fansite: lol
-> blainey29: gumbo is in mental hospital lost the plot
-> Fansite: oh he lost plot many many years ago so im lead to believe

-> GumBo: I want a chicken, as a pet. Have a name picked and everything, Ross
__.(like Ross Chicken). My wife wont let me, Why are women so mean, WHY.???
-> blainey29: i let u have one till sunday then eat him lmao
-> Fansite: lmao
-> blainey29: and i hear gumbos wife has monkey all ready so dont need chicken
-> Fansite: i heard she had 6 monkeys, called hubby and kids

-> GumBo: In the words of Travis, scottish band lead by a man with a stupidly small face, possibly
__.the smallest ever made WHY does it always Raainn on meeeeeeee.?
-> blainey29: so drips like u can get bigger

Table opens to lobby ... Oh my, how many people.

__.*** Loads of players joined the table at the speed of light (GMT) ***

-> VIAGRA: blainey u take viagra.?
-> blainey29: no
-> VIAGRA: ur fella.?
-> blainey29: viagra get on real account i will answer stop hideing
-> VIAGRA: this is my account
-> VIAGRA: lol

-> Vegas_Boy: being female...u think its hard to handle any problems or deal with anything.?
-> blainey29: no chris
-> Vegas_Boy: whys that.?
-> blainey29: dealing with thing on pool dont matter if u are male or female

-> VIAGRA: whats 7 times 7.?
-> blainey29: 49

-> Vegas_Boy: if they make u senior mod would u accpet it char.?
-> blainey29: no Chris
-> Vegas_Boy: why not.?
-> Vegas_Boy:
-> blainey29: i am newest mod and feel more ppl desvier it before me
-> Vegas_Boy: fair enought

-> [-HaVoC-]: if u had to give up ur place as a mod to some1 else who would u choose and y.?
-> blainey29: prob gimme break seems fair lad

-> Vegas_Boy: if u had to pick between MLC or LcMoNeY, who would u pick.?
-> blainey29: MLC
-> Vegas_Boy:

-> VIAGRA: if i spanked ur bum when out in a nightclub, what would u do.?
-> blainey29: I can't say here viagra

-> (((GRANT)))(((H))): who you think is the best 5 players on ipool currently playing.?
-> blainey29: dont think any are top player all can beat all

-> Vegas_Boy: in real life u prefer pool or snooker.?
-> blainey29: pool i was good women player before i had kids

-> shina67: Char do u think u favour some players to others.?
-> blainey29: nope

-> jakenic1: When i beat you the other day in trny did u cry.?
-> blainey29: yes jake

-> Vegas_Boy: if you had to change one thing on iPool ...what would that 1 thing be.?
-> blainey29: you Chris
-> Vegas_Boy: lol ok

-> VIAGRA: if u had the choice of hairy legs for life or being brown on ipool? what u choose.?
-> blainey29: nearther

-> (((GRANT)))(((H))): what if u seen a cat up a tree? would you play on ipool or rescue it.?
-> blainey29: play pool hate cats

-> VIAGRA: whos better lookin out of u and shirley in ur opinion.?
-> blainey29: me
-> VIAGRA: ooooo

-> carshark: Char, how long have you wanted to be known and/or famous.?
-> blainey29: always been well known

-> no1_pool_playa: do you have a day job apart from being a mum a td and a mod.?
-> blainey29: not now, used to
-> Fansite: what was the used to.?
-> blainey29: worked for royal mail in office

-> (((GRANT)))(((H))): do your children feel ignored becuase ur on this so long.?
-> blainey29: no grant i look after them inbetween games

-> no1_pool_playa: you a moderator for respect of you just like hard work or u like the privledges.?
-> blainey29: like the work and most players respect me i think

-> Vegas_Boy: if u win a huge jackpot....what would u do with those all money.?
-> blainey29: bye brandon out

-> Sir.Mr.Peanut: Would you consider a reverse 'indecent proposal', ya know, you pay me a million
__.quid for 1 night.?
-> Sir.Mr.Peanut: coz im great and that
-> Sir.Mr.Peanut: answer me Char
-> blainey29: you got millon pound paul
-> Sir.Mr.Peanut: no, you pay me
-> Sir.Mr.Peanut:
-> blainey29: na i like my money

-> Vegas_Boy: what is your favorite car.?
-> blainey29: mg convertable

-> jakenic1: If you had to choose between giving your persesions to the poor and needy or laff in
__.thier face...which wud u do.?
-> blainey29: laff at um

-> if you could be admin or get a new job, whats the choice.?
-> blainey29: admin cant work medically retired

*** ANNOUNCEMENT --> Fansite has just 'had enough' of questions for blainey29, table 50 ***

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