Always been wondering who the staff are who help you day to day on the game.? Not necessary anymore. In this section you can find pictures of a large amount of the iPool staff. Prepare to have all those mental images destroyed. If you would like to see yourself on the gallery pages email your picture and some details to the fansite, but please do not send in fake pictures of other people, as this just wastes your time and ours.

Please do not misuse the pictures on the fansite.

The Admin Team

The Admin Team are the people who keep the game online, and also make all the decisions regarding how the game is run. All admin have their own jobs to do, from player related to coding.







Senior Moderators

Senior Moderators are higher ranked Mods on the team. They are here to help with questions from other Mods regarding certain situations. They also have extra powers, edit lobby text being one of them.


Moderators are recruited to help the day to day game. They can help with questions from players, broadcast tournaments or other relevant text. They are also there to keep the game fun and friendly, dealing with abusive players or cheating for example.


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