Game Shots

January - February 2007

1st: --StRoNgBoW--
2nd: Sir.Mr.Peanut

October - December 2006

1st: MR.300
2nd: P.A.T.D
3rd: Sir.Mr.Peanut

August - September 2006

1st: Mr.Norway
2nd: Napoleon
3rd: Nippa9

June - July 2006

1st: Mr.FrOsTy
2nd: Mr.Norway
3rd: Reb0rN

April - May 2006

1st: xxxBxxx
2nd: Reb0rN
3rd: Alex

Feb - March 2006

1st: LoopyH-A
2nd: []V[]...V...[]D
3rd: VeNoMoUs-(-_-)-GoOnEr

Dec - Jan 2006

1st: ThE-GeNeRaL
2nd: VeNoMoUs-(-_-)-GoOnEr
3rd: Sir.Mr.Noodle


Trickshot Challenge
[]D[]-[] was the 1st to send all 5 shots completed and won himself a 6 month iPool code.
Download Shots

Speed Pool
You_Dont_Wanna_Play clears an 8 ball set-up in just 77 seconds. 2 months iPool code for the effort.
Download Rack

The Journey
FamousSi wins the 1st ever Prizetime, a journey created to test the minds of the entrants through page after page of puzzles and lateral thinking.

    Fansite Tournaments

  • 1st September 2009

    Winner: ronniefry
    RunnerUp: The.Gambler

  • 7th November 2006

    Winner: FamousSi
    RunnerUp: deedee

  • 5th September 2006

    Winner: -LC-
    RunnerUp: HuNteR-oN-HuNt

  • 28th May 2006

    Winner: La_Ratta
    RunnerUp: Mr.Chips

  • 21st March 2006

    Winner: ROZLER
    RunnerUp: -black-{-_-}-hawk-

  • 24th January 2006

    Winner: Shirley-Ann
    RunnerUp: NeMeSiS

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