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**Now Open**

Postby jUstcAllmEdOc » Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:44 pm


The Voodoo Pool League is starting up with Non Prize Tourneys, Prize Tourneys and Prize Leagues..
Voodoo members are expected to join Non Prize tourneys as well as Prize tourneys of course.. We feel its not fair to those Voodoo members that join both quite often and other members only join Prize tourneys.. We will be monitoring the members joining which tourneys and how often.. Should we feel a player/players are just in Voodoo for the Prize tourneys we will deal with that accordingly.. Occasionally the Voodoo Staff will add a Prize/Prizes to a non Prize Tourney after the tourney has started.. Most generally this depends on the number of members entered..

Only 1 Voodoo account per Voodoo member and the name must be spelled the same as your iPool account. Names can be changed, please see the Voodoo Pool League Code of Conduct for complete rules on name changes and other Voodoo rules -->
Some rules differ from iPool
- please read http://voodoopool.webs.com/vpoolmsgboar ... 0Rules.htm

Check out the Voodoo Web Page to join The Voodoo Pool League, join Voodoo tourneys, see upcoming Voodoo tourneys, see past winners and more.. Check it out --> http://www.myleague.com/voodoopool/

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