Sidespin is one of the toughest parts in the game, and a lot of people don't know how to use it effectively. Sometimes it's necessary to use sidespin because if you were to play the shot normally, the angle you would have wouldn't be the right one. So using sidespin can help improve your positional play.

We have published some screenshots showing the angles and the way the ball's trajectory changes after a shot is played using side.

The roll of the Cue Ball with right sidespin after it contacts the cushion. Notice how the object ball is aimed wide of the pocket. This is because the side on the cue ball will transfer to the object ball, throwing it off line.

Another situation with right spin. Have a look at the way the aiming line is placed and where to hit the Cue ball. Again the object ball is aimed wide of the pocket. And remember, the more side on the cue ball, the greater all of these effects will be, making adjustments neccessary.

Imagine you want to get a good position on the 13 ball by hitting the 9. The angle isn't straight so if you pot it normally you won't get the correct position to pot the 13 in the top left pocket. By using side you can change the angle and make it straight. This will help you to get the perfect position to pot 13 and finish the rack.
LcMoNeY. says..

use side to force an angle. You want to get on the black into the top right pocket, but because of the angle you'd have to go off the cushions. Doing it using side is easier.
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