Additional Sponsorship

Here at the iPool fansite we are always willing to accept additional sponsorship. You can sponsor any part of the fansite you choose, with as many or as few codes as you like. The 2 most popular sections to sponsor are the Fansite Tournaments and Prize Time. If this is of interest to you, take a read of the rest of this page and then feel free to get in touch with us. We can answer any questions you may still have and discuss the details of your sponsorship.

Cash prize events and fundraisers etc' are run regularly by iPool Admin, and as such the Fansite will not run these kind of events.

We can only accept iPool codes as sponsorship. We cannot accept Cash or any other form of sponsorship.

Fansite Admin and/or iPool Admin reserve the right to refuse to pay out codes should the circumstance arise. In such an event all codes will be refunded to the sponsor/s.

Prize Time Sponsor

As Prizetime Sponsor, your name will appear on the Prizetime Page, and you will decide how any codes you supply are distributed. If you would like to suggest a Prizetime to sponsor, please email us and we will be more than happy to help get the ideas you have onto the site.

Tournament Sponsor

As a Fansite tournament sponsor, your name will appear on the tournament entry page as sponsor as well as on the relevant Fansite pages. Please make note of the below conditions before deciding how you would like to be involved in sponsorship with the fansite tournaments.
Sponsorship Notes

If you sponsor a Fansite tournament with '6 months codes' or above, you can choose the set-up for the tournament as well as how any codes you supply are distributed to the entrants.

If you sposnor a Fansite tournament with '1 - 5 months codes' there will be a poll run on the tournament page of the fansite, and the members will decide the set-up of the tournament. You will be able to decide how any codes you supply are distributed to the entrants.

Note: The current iPool tournament system does not support bigballs, smallballs or timers. Please bear this in mind when deciding on a set-up.
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